Wealth Planning

Gold Bullion remains the only Physical Commodity allowed in a SIPP or SSAS

With the continued uncertainty in the UK market economy due to Brexit, and worldwide economy COVID-10 disruption, precious metals are a designated asset that has staying power for those seeking wealth preservation.  
Investment grade gold Bullion can be held as an asset of a SIPP or SSAS, and will not constitute ‘taxable property’, provided that it is in a form acceptable to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).  This is currently defined as a bar or wafer with a purity of not less than (0.9995) and professionally stored. Silver, Platinum and other precious metals are classified by HMRC as 'tangible moveable property' TMP which in a self invested pension further potential tax penalties can arise.  When you buy gold through SeventyNine the gold will be in the form of investment grade bars with a purity of 9999 (0.999) fitting full criteria to be  allocated to your pension. This is also compatible with the new capital adequacey regime for SIPP and SSAS.
The Financial Conduct Authority has added physical Gold bullion as the only precious metal into its list of 'standard assets'. Physical gold can be held in a pension via a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) or a Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS).  Please note that until this list has been updated other commodities cannot be included in a self invested pension. If you are requiring financial advice please do not hesitate to contact us where we can recommend to you a regulated Wealth Planner who can assist you with your investment portfolio.

Gold Bullion can be added to your Pension via:

  • Purchase investment grade gold through your existing SIPP or SSAS account.
  • Transfer part of your existing pension into a SIPP or SSAS account.
  • Transfer the full value of your existing pension(s) into a SIPP or SSAS account.
  • Make contributions into a new SIPP or SSAS account.

    There are many ways to save for retirement, but only a pension offers generous tax breaks and is specifically designed to provide you with retirement income.


    • Increase the value of your contributions by benefiting from tax relief at your highest marginal rate.
    • Your pension can grow free from capital gains and income tax.
    • Once you reach 55 you can take 25% of your pension pot as a tax free cash lump sum.

      Feel free to send us an email to info@seventynine.io where we can work with your existing wealth manager or we can provide you with a list of SIPP and SSAS regulated financial planners.