Family Office and Collector Storage Solutions

In order to meet our clients expectations, SeventyNine provides an array of high class  storage solutions giving a full private banking experience. We make sure of impeccable storage conditions and terms which can deliver on depositary cost reductions for higher volumes. Storage is on a fully allocated basis in fully insured, high security vaults, right here in the UK. By buying silver within an LBMA vault you eliminate the VAT liability, saving that 20% initial cost.

Your bullion will be fully insured by our Lloyds of London insurance policy up to the melt value of the products stored in the gold and silver bullion vault. Always note that if you take physical delivery at your home, you run the risk of losing your metals due to theft or fire whereby most homeowners' insurance policies do not cover precious metals.

High quality storage and top security conditions helps to alleviate these concerns allowing clients' easy accessibility to their assets, as well as the advantage of being outside the banking system through holding bullion.

Services Include:

  • Fully allocated storage
  • Flexible storage locations
  • Double auditing
  • Industry leading rates
  • Detailed reporting

    Storage Fees

    Please enquire to us for fees concerning arranging for your bullion to be stored. The value of metals stored is calculated per the preceding month's average price as published by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) plus administrative costs.

    Again there is no maximum on the amount of precious metals that you can store  and all storage is segregated so that you can ensure there are no issues with your bullion being mixed up as we want to build up your bullion as a strategic investment asset.

    Bullion Sale / Delivery from Storage

    We do have an array of vaults worldwide where you can have bullion supplied to your local vault. Rest assured, all precious metals stored at SeventyNine are 100% fully insured by the highly acclaimed Lloyd’s of London Company. If you have any questions please feel to email us on