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Family Offices, Corporate Client Services

Founded by private bankers and wealth managers SeventyNine offers a private bank experience, coupled with access to the whole of the market. We assist a wide range of clientele, including  HNW, Private Family Fund, Self Managed Funds searching for precious metal opportunities and investment grade bullion.

You can expect a private bank level of service from us, coupled with a thorough understanding of your requirements, however complex they may be. We’re able to arrange finance for high net worth individuals or corporate entities looking to buy or gain equity release on substantial bullion portfolios. Asset finance is also available to experienced clientele. Our private bank background enables us to understand complex financial circumstances and structure deals appropriately.

We understand that wealth preservation is am important strategic goal for family offices. Our experience in private banking means we are uniquely placed to help Family offices maximize the value of their investment portfolio to create, increase, maximise and protect their hard-earned wealth.

  • The top investing strategy to the ultra-wealthy is diversification, competent investors know that a diverse portfolio limits the level of risk in your investments.
  • Seeking advice from the professionals in the industry is a given, if you are new to the market or a seasoned buyer of precious metals, asking for a professional opinion or forecast is unequivocally required.
  • Tax Ramifications, this is high on strategy lists as high levels of tax costs could erode your returns, which nobody wants. So, understanding the importance of what tax you will pay in advance is a key benefit.

We have developed a HNW team at SeventyNine which will  assist your wealth management and family office team to diversify your portfolio, provide forecasting from one of the world’s leading precious metals consultancies, while working with wealth planning experts to provide the right solution to you. We define HNW transactions as clients who are committed to trades of £1 million+ per transaction and UHNWs who are committed to trades more than £10 million+ per transaction (normal requirement for a private banking relationship).

There is no maximum purchase of bullion that we can deal with. We always ask all orders over £100,000 to be put in writing so we can confirm pricing. Wealth managers with regarding HNW and UHNW physical and on physical bullion acquisition requests do not hesitate to get in contact.

Family Office & Corporate Gifts

At Seventy Nine we offers a wide range of excellent premium gift ideas that can be used for corporate and customer loyalty programmes. We believe bullion has long lasting intrinsic value which will serve as a strong memento to your family office brand.

For further information please contact us by email at: or telephone us on: +44 203 143 8943.