Donation & Ethical Policy

At SeventyNIne we are passionate about helping to improve the quality of life for those in the gold mining industry and to conserve the wider environment where there are few natural resources left.  In order to combat this we have a number of ways in which we tackle those on-going environmental  and human rights issues by:

Prioritizing Ethical and Green Gold

We want to make sure that our customers have chance to purchased LBMA ceritified bullion which has come from Refiners who have derived bullion from mining sources that have been verified .

Our goal is to also increase education and awareness so that there is a deeper connection between precious metal mine workers and the knowledge where there principal product has come from. Responsible mined source precious metals are being demanded by the Next Generation and at SeventyNine we want to be at the forefront of providing ethical green gold to our customers.

Green Gold refers to bullion where the whole supply chain from mining to refinement to eventual minting can be tracked with the ethical ordinance. Traceable gold is important so that our customers know that the product origins have not only fully documentation but there has been environmental stewardship, human fights and health safety of the labour force have been put  first. Green gold is handled in segregated refining centres so that casting, minted and semi-finished products are not tainted with non green gold.

Using Laptops

Our staff members at SeventyNine use laptops – proven to be more energy efficient; an average laptop can use up to 5 times less power when working at low operating speeds.


We have opted to create an e-catalogue so that the consumer can easily access product(s).

Printing Policy

At the Seventy Nine all available literature is sent to our Customers via e-mail; only in extenuating circumstances will printing be carried out.


The recycling of our packaging is one of the key differences separating us from our competitors.  We will happily accept any packaging or boxing surplus from any mint manufacturers surplus  to requirement and recycle them on your behalf; which can be reused or repurposed for customers. All of this helps us to engage in more charitable drives for improving ethics and ESG reporting in the supply chain particularly pertinent to third world and developing countries.

Commitment to give 10% of Profits to charitable causes 

We are keen to become involved in several meaningful projects and therefore  will donate 10% (ten percentages of our profits) to helping worthy organisations that improve the lives of those within the precious metals supply chain from mining, procurement to refinement.

From time to time we do support certain fundraising galas and traditional events please get us in contact concerning the charitable opportunity and event description to