We operate according to the guidelines of the Public Health England (PHE) and other competent authorities and constantly ensure that hygiene and sanitary standards are respected. There is very little risk of the coronavirus spreading on precious metals in double packaged parcel products. The low risk is evident that the viruses and their variants do not survive long on objects and after 24 hours, whether on large envelope or parcel items. 

Following advice from PHE and other highly publicised guidance from gloves are used to make sure there is as little transfer of any outside purities to the packaging of your item. We follow high security protocol so that your item is double boxed, layered with bubble wrap inserts on the inside and out as stated in LBMA packaging guidelines. This not only helps to protect your item and ensure durability during transit but also removes any unwanted particles entering the final product during transit.

Guidelines from couriers such as Royal Mail, DHL, and UPS which we use have advise that in order to protect customers as much as possible, they will not be handing over our hand-held devices to customers to capture signatures. Couriers will instead log the name of the recipient stated on the final delivery order. This will apply to all deliveries that require a signature. though requirements for those that need to self isolate are being removed, couriers will  wherever possible take safety precautions as required.

If you miss or unable to receive the item, there are many ways we can help in advising of other ways you can arrange to get your item. For security reasons the parcel can only be delivered to the intended recipient which the courier will give you a range of options such as your local Customer Service Point to collect. In this situation your mail will be keep as secure as possible, where you will need to bring along the courier card and relevant ID.


Receiving your package


Under the current COVID-19 - (CCC) custody and control takes precedence whereby insurance underwriters may only accept liability for parcels that are lost or damaged whilst in the care  of Royal Mail, DHL, UPS or any other chosen carrier where delivery arrangements have been dutifully documented through postal tracking.

We recommend that you have adequate household insurance cover in the event that delivered items go missing. Whilst the current COVID-19 delivery arrangements remain in place or may restart we would be happy to hold your items on a fully insured allocated basis (no exposure to our balance sheet) for up to 3 months with your agreement.