We always follow our KYC procedures and respect the Anti-Money laundering regulations (AML) as well as the combating the financing of terrorism (CFT) regulations. The requirements to Know your customer are there to ensure that each part of the supply chain to retail is protected.

Our Website Domain Name is:


SeventyNine under Saith Deg Naw Ltd will only contact existing customers in relation to an existing account or enquiry made with SeventyNine.

Any communication from SeventyNIne via email will only ever be made from an authorised email user from SeventyNine and will only ever carry the suffix:

Email Safety Notice:

Should you receive an email stating it is from SeventyNIne but the email comes from another email address, or if you suspect a phone call you received may be suspicious, please inform us by writing or by phone immediately and do not respond to that communication.

AML Compliance

SeventyNine protects its clients against money laundering and takes AML compliance seriously. The following guidelines are followed for all clients.  Pursuant to the law, we have the obligation to identify a customer who buys gold or silver products in the amount of more than 10,000 euros.

All orders need to be paid by the person who ordered from us and whose name appears on the invoice. Invoice name and bank account name need to match in order for payments to be accepted.

Tax information

Purchasing on SeventyNIne’s online store is reserved for end consumers. Our prices are inclusive of VAT.

For each order, SeventyNIne’s online store issues an invoice; the document will be sent as an attachment in the Shipping Confirmation email.

Please note: once the order has been confirmed, there is no way to modify the details you have entered and it is not possible to issue a new invoice.

Information for all Clients Domiciled in UK

According to HMRC's regulations we will ask you for certified and recent proof of address and certified proof of identity when you make gold purchases worth 5,000 GBP in a single transaction or worth 10,000 GBP in several transaction in the course of 12 months. We will not proactively send these documents to HMRC but keep them on file together with your order details and invoice in case HMRC wishes to make inquiries.

In order to identify a person, the client undertakes to submit one of the following documents:

  • Government Issued Passport and/or
  • ID card issued in the European Union
  • Diplomatic passport
  • Driving license issued in European Union.
  • Foreign or alien passport

Information for all Clients Domiciled in Europe and Abroad

All clients who purchase in excess of 10,000 Euros or foreign currency equivalent through SeventyNine will be required to completed an AML statement and provide proof of identification. 

In order to prevent individuals from using SeventyNine for illicit purposes, all clients who purchase under 10,000 Euros may also be asked for a photocopy of their identification and/or a utility bill. This requirement helps protect our clients who use our services legitimately.

Please note that all AML compliance documentation is maintained in accordance with privacy protection laws. SeventyNine  does not have any reporting requirements to disclose client data or information to any government bodies or authorities.

Information For Clients Domiciled In Switzerland:

All Swiss customers are required to submit an anti-money laundering (AML) transaction form, a form 'A' beneficial owner form, a notarized copy of their photo ID and proof of residency. This is required for all clients who spend in excess of 25,000 Swiss Francs. Purchases in a company, trust or other legal entity will require proof of the connection between the purchaser and the entity, a notarised copy of the certificate of incorporation for the company, and a certificate of good standing. Individual clients may be regularly requested to provide proof of origin of funds, and to provide additional supporting information. 

In all cases if documentation is not submitted then the transaction cannot be performed and you will be refunded. This is non-negotiable as we must abide by Know your Customer (KYC) procedures when retailing bullion. 

If you have further questions regarding this policy, please email us at info@seventynine.