About Us


About SeventyNine


SeventyNine and Lady SeventyNine are trading names of Saith Deg Naw Ltd. We are a group of private bankers, wealth managers and consultants focusing on physical and tangible assets, retailing precious metal assets. We operate on an execution only basis on behalf of a new and experienced collectors, family office and corporate clients to acquire and support the secure acquisition of fine gold and other precious metals io assets.

Most bullion retailers are not familiar with the wealth management universe and so therefore provide incorrect or misleading literature about historical investment nuances that have either been disproven or are out of date aimed at HNWs.  SeventyNine offers instead a truly private bank experience for our clients, coupled with access to the whole of the market of curated leading mint refiner's across the world. Being trusted intermediaries we can deal with large and complex sourcing for experienced collectors and corporate clientele. We know the market and we know which investment partners and planners can support your transactional requirements particularly for investment advisory or lending requests.

We have developed strong business relationships with market leading refiners, private banks and wealth planners alongside bullion merchants and dealers across the UK to offer a unique, low margin, transparent business model to help collectors minimise risk, maximise enjoyment and achieve the desired result of ownership.


Our Approach


As specialists in large equity-release bullion loans to buy time sensitive assets or investment portfolio creation we’ll guide you through each step of the process. Our knowledge of a wide variety of lenders, from the well-known providers to private banks and specialist lenders in the precious metals space means you’ll have access to finance of which other brokers may be completely unaware. You can expect a private bank level of service from us, coupled with a thorough understanding of your requirements, however complex they may be suited to family office clients who are used to dealing with Freeport Direct Lending.


Our Clients


We’re able to arrange finance for high net worth individuals or corporate entities looking for a temporary equity release on their bullion portfolio to address their hedging, cash management or asset purchase needs. With regulated wealth planners we can discuss different pension, life insurance or family planning exercises for Gold ETF or physical bullion to pass onto the next generation. Our private bank background enables us to understand complex financial circumstances and structure deals appropriately.

We’re able to offer considerable expertise in this often complex area. We not only know the market and understand credit value of investment portfolio lending transactions, but also work closely with specialist lenders and private banks so that they understand your income flows better. We understand their appetite and criteria for lending, ensuring that any transaction will proceed to completion as smoothly as possible. Purchasing Investment Grade gold should generally involve appropriate tax planning, and we are uniquely placed to both understand your requirements and deliver on them with competitive terms.


At SeventyNine we only sell bullion refined by members of the London Bullion Market Association (“LBMA”) and the London Platinum and Palladium Market (“LPPM”) and will work with you on ESG KPI's to source ethical compliant bullion wherever possible.



Our Belief for the Future

We always advise that any investment decisions should be taken alongside a certified advisor. SeventyNine's views are forward thinking where we believe that investment grade bullion have a wider role to play in the non banking environment scenario of today. Although precious metals have always been synonymous with wealth and economic security echoing JP Morgan sentiment that Gold is Money as it has been trading as fiat for at least 5,000 years.

Sonce no other form of money or indeed  currency has outlasted precious metals as a store of value over time we believe at SeventyNine that gold asset backed currency whether tokenized or under a blockchain model is likely to be the alternative approach to a sudden, massive default in the system. Investors of bullion must be aware that there are only globally recognized monies that cannot be created or printed out of thin air or manipulated by central banks and governments.

Owning gold bullion could prove extremely lucrative in periods of economic uncertainty but crucial in trading with any other family office or corporate entities for medium-large scale transactions in a post collapse scenario. Customers are right to have concerns on the digital revolution that has changed the face from traditional banking to dot-com metaverse investment scenarios that we all find ourselves in.